Meet Our Writers: Nicola Wass

Wondering how our busy mum, Nicola manages to keep fit and healthy on the Wirral? Read on to inspire your own lifestyles. 

What fills your days?

Well, I’m a Mum of two children and a dog, and I run a consultancy business based in Liverpool. So, these things take up a lot of my time! But I do still love to socialise with friends, especially cooking for them and eating out at new places. I think it’s important to keep in touch with what’s going on around you and to find a really happy work/life balance. 

Can you describe the Wirral to a tourist?

The Wirral is great because of what it is and where it is. In itself, it has an amazing coastline, distinct places, and a really exciting mix of rural and urban spaces. It’s great for families, but it’s also a fantastic place for individuals who want access to a city lifestyle. Where the Wirral is situated means it’s a springboard for exploring. In fifteen minutes I can be in Liverpool City Centre, or with a slightly longer trip I can be climbing a mountain fifty minutes away in Wales. It’s a great place to live.

Do you have a secret Wirral haunt?

There’s an Indian street food restaurant that has opened in Oxton Village called Chutney, which I think is really lovely. The food is fantastic. I also love the Irby Mill! It’s a great real country pub where you can get lovely home cooking and a good choice of real ales. I really enjoy going walking with the family and the dog, and I think when you can finish off by ending it in a welcoming pub it really makes a day of it. I have also been lucky enough to eat at the Michelin star restaurant Fraiche, and I’ve never tasted better food anywhere! It really shows the diversity of the Wirral.

What’s your secret food vice?

Mashed potato! It’s the ultimate comfort food. 

Which food and lifestyle bloggers fill your feed?

I always follow the Body Coach on Instagram to see what new recipes he is putting up. They’re so easy and quick to make, it really helps when trying to strike that work/life balance. Another one I find helpful is Kayla Itsines. Her videos and blogs help keep me motivated when I need that extra push to go the gym. My favourite cookbook at the moment is ‘Fresh India’ by Meera Sodha, it’s really nice because it’s full of exciting and tasty recipes. The food always comes out tasting really authentic. 

Inspire us with a good habit that you’re carrying through 2018?

I’ve found that the best time for me to exercise is before work, because afterwards I just want to go home and wind down! So, I’ve recently been going to a boxing gym round the corner from where I work in the Baltic Triangle, and I’m really enjoying it! It’s smelly and sweaty, not at all lovely! But, I get in there at seven a.m. and by eight o’clock I’m alert ready for the day. So, my intention is for this to continue throughout the year. 

Nobody’s perfect-tell us about your fitness and diet fails.

I’d have to say my diet fails are linked to when the kids have chocolate. Easter time is especially bad because I think I’m doing the right thing hiding the Easter eggs from them, but really it just becomes my secret stash of chocolate. The same is probably true of gold coins at Christmas come to think of it! In terms of fitness, I’m all or nothing. I either go for it or I do nothing. It’s really easy to lose a good habit.

Give us a healthy eating or fitness tip which you swear by.

Healthy food. Stop thinking of healthy food as something that can’t be enjoyable healthy doesn’t always mean a taste compromise. Stop thinking of healthy good as a sacrifice! My fitness tip would be, just go for it and don't be afraid of the gym. Everyone is very focused on their own fitness goals and I find usually really happy to help without being judgemental. Keep going and don’t feel self-conscious or let the fear of what others think stop you from reaching your goals, just get on with it! 

Looking for some Wirral tips? Drop a comment below and Nicola will share her favourite places and spaces with you.