Meet Our Writers: Helen Brown

Just like you, our Writers live on the beautiful Wirral. They’re looking for easy ways to change up their lifestyles for the better, and that includes everything from eating right with minimal effort to finding secret haunts to spend their free-time. 

We want you to meet our Writer, Helen Brown! Find out what you’ve got in common with her by reading the eight things which we ask to all of our team below. 

What fills your days? 
I’m an early riser and start most days by taking my dog for a walk along the beach or venturing into Sefton Park. I have my own interior design company, Definitive 1 and no two days are really the same. It can be anything from client briefings to going on design inspiration trips and visiting places like tradeshows. I come from a fine art background and started out making my own furniture. 

Helen designed her own kitchen! 

Helen designed her own kitchen! 

Describe the Wirral to a tourist…
I love living on the Wirral. It’s got beautiful beaches and great green spaces which are all so good for taking a stroll. My tip is to hop on a ferry to one side with your bike and cycle back. 

Do you have a secret Wirral haunt? 
In summer, there’s a great portuguese restaurant Deli 1386 in West Kirby which I love to go to. It has really delicious food, great wines and such a good atmosphere. It also does a really good BBQ in the summer. 

What’s your cheeky food vice? 
I’m going to be honest. In the past, every time I had a hangover, I used to survive with a Greggs' chicken pie and chocolate eclair! These days I’m more of a Birdseye fish pie… but I’m not sure if that’s much better! And I sneak the odd biscuit which I blame on the quirky tin for enticing me over. 

Helen's biscuit jar!

Helen's biscuit jar!


Which food and lifestyle bloggers fill your feeds? 
Somebody recently bought me the Honestly Healthy cookbook and I’ve followed @honestlyhealthy on Instagram ever since. I’m also a big fan of the Israeli-British chef Yotam Ottolenghi - that’s one Instagram channel which I could never unfollow! I love trying new recipes and I absolutely hate waste. I might have once made a salmon mouse and tossed in kale and a banana for flavouring to avoid throwing them out. Needless to say that’s one meal I couldn’t actually finish. 

Inspire us with a good habit that you’re carrying through to 2018
Last year, I started the 5:2 diet and it’s the first one that has ever worked for me. I believe in eating well and that’s exactly what I do with this lifestyle change. My body feels stronger since starting it and I've barely had a sniffle all year. 

Nobody’s perfect, tell us about your diet and fitness fails. 
I’m not proud to admit this but I once did the egg diet and to say the least... I was left feeling logged. 

Give us a healthy eat or fitness tip which you swear by
I now swear by a 5:2 lifestyle and I avoid ready meals at all costs… except the odd Birdseye fish pie to cure my rare hangovers! We all have our vices. 

Got a question for Helen? Drop a comment below. She’s great at recommending fun things to try out on the Wirral.