Meet Our Writers: Hebe Goddard

We want you to get to know our writers a little better, so here are 8 questions which we ask all of our team. First up is, our Aussie on the Wirral, Hebe. 

1) What fills your days?
As an Aussie I love being outdoors, especially when it means getting to explore somewhere different. Even though the Wirral feels like home now, I’m still pretty new to the area and I am loving that every week I get to find something or somewhere I’ve never been before. What is even better is that with so many great new ventures opening up on the Wirral, I’ll never run out of options to explore brand new independents.

2)Describe the Wirral to a tourist?
The Wirral is City meets Country and I love that. There is so much open space that you’re free to roam and explore and it’s beautiful! But what’s even better is that you’re so close to the city, it’s like escape to the country without the commute.

hebe 2.jpg


3) Do you have a secret Wirral haunt?
Too many to count! Although I don’t know whether I’ve managed to find anywhere super secret yet as I’ve barely scratched the surface on what the Wirral has to offer. Give me your suggestions!

4) What’s your cheeky food vice?
I am absolutely obsessed with custard. If you have me over to dinner you best get an extra container. Apple pie and custard, Christmas pudding and custard, creme caramel, bavarois, chocolate custard. It’s the simple things in life.  

5) Which Food & Lifestyle Bloggers fill your feeds?
I am a sucker for a food trend so my feed is constantly updating. Those who have gone the distance include Independent Liverpool, Maja Chocolat (so bad, but so good) and Taste Team (an Aussie blog, but the food!)

hebe 3.jpg

6) Inspire us with a good habit that you’re carrying through to 2018?
I’ve always enjoyed being fit and I exercise pretty regularly but this year it’s also about mental wellbeing for me. I’m trying to meditate once a day and am focusing more on yoga than the gym at the moment. Let’s get it Om!

7) Nobody’s perfect - Tell us about your diet & fitness fails.
I’m the first one to put my hand up and say that there isn’t one diet & fitness solution for everyone. Last year my physical appearance became a huge focus for me, I was hitting the gym six or seven times a week and counting macros strictly (this means that you get a daily intake of calories which is broken down into protein, carbs and fats). This doesn’t mean that I wasn’t eating, in fact, I was eating about three times what I normally was but everything that went into my mouth was measured and weighed to fit into my daily macro puzzle. I was so scared of eating the wrong thing that one day I found myself hiding in the bathroom eating ice cream so that nobody knew! I looked the best that I ever have and was physically very strong, mentally though I was miserable. Total fail!

hebe 4.jpg


8) Give us a healthy eat or fitness tip which you swear by.
The first thing is that there are no quick fixes. Fad diets, six packs in a day and promises of shedding half your body weight in two weeks just aren’t realistic. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see results straight away or if your results plateau - just keep at it!

Secondly, and this relates directly to my diet fail, fitness and health isn’t just about your outward appearance. It’s so important to listen to what you’re body and mind is telling you. Different approaches work for different people and that’s okay, so if an approach isn’t working for you then try something new and don’t be afraid to ask for tips and help to get you going. If you’re getting bored with an approach, then challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done before! I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been (mentally and physically) but it’s taken me a long time (and so many different fads/trends) to get here.

I’m still evolving and trying new things, it’s all about what works for you physically and mentally. I’m here to help though, so if you’re thinking of trying something new chances are I’ve given it a go, so please drop a comment and ask me below!