How To Monday Morning The Tumeric Way

Picture this, you’re at your local coffee shop, it’s Monday morning and you’re tired. You don’t want to be here and neither does anyone else in line but you are. You know that at this point the only thing that is going to get you through the day is a strong coffee. You can even smell the beans calling your name. Like a beer on a Friday night, you can see the promise of what lies ahead. Unlike a beer on a Friday night, what lies ahead is the working week. Bummer! 

Monday Morning Nightmares
You’re next in line, you recognise Adam, he makes good coffee and as you step up to place your order, you’re at ease. All is right with the world… or so you thought until he says;
‘We’re still waiting for bean delivery this morning but we do have our speciality drinks available.’

Excuse me? It’s Monday morning and there is no coffee. Absolute panic. You’re starting to sweat, you think back to nearly calling in sick this morning. Why? Okay, calm down. Specialty drinks sounds okay, they sound... special. There is bound to be something magical waiting for you at the bottom of that paper cup. Turmeric Latte? Why not? As you walk out of the shop with latte in hand, you’re proud of yourself, that health kicked you promised yourself in the New Year? Well it’s officially started. 


 Image Source:  @TheWellScene

Image Source: @TheWellScene

What Have I Done?
You take a whiff of the Turmeric goodness that envelops your senses, it smells like Indian takeaway. How could something so wrong be so right? This is it you think, you are a changed being. Healthy, devoted to your wellbeing, 2018 come at you. You sip…

Oh no, is that water or milk? Where’s the foam? Where’s the coffee? Something is wrong here. You can practically see the new you running for the hills. This isn’t what wellbeing is supposed to feel like, or taste like! It’s wrong. Just when you thought Monday mornings couldn’t get any worse.

 Image Source:  @OriginMagazine

Image Source: @OriginMagazine

Tumeric Benefits
Now let me clear up a few things. I don’t feel like I could permanently replace my usual coffee order with turmeric but there are some major health benefits associated with it. You’ll find turmeric in most Indian curries, it’s what gives it that lovely yellow colour. In fact, when consumed it dramatically increases your body’s natural antioxidants, has been linked to improving brain function and lowering risk of brain disease. So, I’m totally jumping on the turmeric train, just maybe not as my Monday morning pick me up. 

How To Be More Tumeric
If you are looking for some great ways to get this yellow wonder spice into your diet then you can make some great salad dressings, soups, healthy curries and marinades. We’d suggest leaving the Turmeric Latte for those very committed to their New Year’s health kicks. If you're looking for a good independent Wirral based coffee shop however, check out the Aubergine Cafe, in West Kirby a neighbourhood cafe which is based around the love for local fresh food and drink. 

Author: Hebe