Glitter Food Hits The Wirral

In my house, glitter mainly makes an appearance on two occasions; my kids’ birthday parties and New Year’s Eve. Glitter is however back in a big way and I’m talking edible sparkle. But is the Wirral ready to embrace it? This one’s got the Better Food Wirral team divided, so to help you make up your minds, I wanted to share what I’ve learnt and my experience testing out this latest trend. 

Is It Real?
Thought the glitter cappuccino was fake news on your Facebook feed? Me too initially but we better think again as it’s most definitely a real thing and perfectly edible. I’ve spotted glitter and sparkle as a general trend across all of the catwalks, then saw early adopters Australia and India presenting themselves as the first to push the edible glitter trend. 

I Had To Try It Out
I just couldn’t wait for it to hit my local Wirral coffee shop, so I headed over to Hobbycraft for some edible glitter instead, and have since been surprising my family with sparkly hot drinks. I can’t deny that over Christmas, I’ve loved telling the kids that Tinker Bell has been dancing on our festive hot drinks but I haven’t however loved hoovering up glittery remains from my carpet every single day since. Nobody warned me about that!

 Image Source:  @ahomeforachild

Image Source: @ahomeforachild

Find Your Glitter 
As it turns out, all that glitters is not gold or food for that matter. Edible glitter comes in the form of jazzed up gum arabic. In fact, actual edible glitter will probably remind you more of a slightly dull confetti. Slightly disappointing but still livens up those cappuccinos. 

A Word Of Caution
When you’re searching for edible glitter, most websites will be careful to omit the words ‘edible’ or ‘food safe’ but will tell you the glitter is for decoration only, while displaying it on plenty of food. Don’t worry if you’ve been swept away by this trend and have been bedazzling everything you can get your hands on, it’s non-toxic. Hopefully as glitter food takes off, it’s also going to become better for us. 

 Image Source:  @squirrellyminds

Image Source: @squirrellyminds

My Verdict
I’ve tried it. The kids loved it, and I’m still having the urge to sprinkle a little bit of glitter on everything edible even though the festive season has passed. I mean who hasn’t been to a party before, looked at the bowl of almonds and thought ‘yep, these could do with some glitter’? 

It’s a matter of time before one of our favourite Wirral coffee shops starts selling glitter cappuccinos. I say enjoy this fun trend while it lasts but I’m not tipping it to be around very long. 

And I'd love to hear your thoughts on this trend, so why not comment below and let me know if you think that the Wirral is ready to embrace all that glitters? 

Author: Nicola