A Different Type of Egg Hunt | Easter Snack Swap

Creme egg snack swap

With Easter fast approaching, Cadbury’s latest marketing campaign involves stashing several white chocolate Crème Eggs throughout stores in the UK.  This Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque competition tempts lucky shoppers with receiving up to £2,000 in prize money for finding one.  Like there wasn’t enough to temptation to gorge on chocolate already! Especially for little ones...which got me thinking about alternative sweet snacks that taste just as good for adults as for children.  Not that I’ve got anything against Crème Eggs or the occasional treat for my daughter but One Cadbury Crème Egg contains 26.5g of sugar.

According to the GDA, that’s roughly one-third of my entire sugar for the day gone in five minutes, ah, I meant Coco’s. Anyway…

I want us both to enjoy snacking while eating healthy and with Easter just around the corner I need to really think about the choices I’m making.

This calls for a Snack Swap.

The idea of a Snack Swap is to replace sugary snacks with healthier options. Doing this means we can snack without worrying about her teeth or my waistline!

Instead of a Crème Egg (milk or white), at 26.5g of sugar and 177kcal per Egg, let’s try…

Hungry Healthy Happy’s Raw Chocolate Fudge Brownies

These brownies are a no-bake, sweet treat alternative, don’t contain flour and get all their sugars from natural sources. To really get the best out of the recipe, I suggest sourcing the ingredients directly from suppliers on the Wirral. Here are some of the ingredients I’ve managed to find:

Almond Butter from the Funky Nut Co. – a local Wirral supplier. (If you’re still dreaming of white chocolate, they also sell a ‘White Chocolate Almond Butter’!) Almond butter contains vitamin E, which can help lower cholesterol. It also contains magnesium and potassium, both of which promote overall heart health.

Honey – my favourite local honey is from Mere Brook Bees & Honey. Did you know that eating local honey can help fight off allergies and hay fever? While honey does contain sugar, its different to golden syrup in that its combination of fructose and glucose can actually help regulate blood sugar levels.

What I think is really great about these brownies is that you keep them in the freezer – you know they’re not going to go off any time soon, so you don’t feel obliged to eat them as quickly as you can (they are delicious, though…)

Easter isn’t too far away at all, but perhaps this could be the year where I -for once- say no to chocolate. Why don’t you try them for yourself and see what you think? Let us know how you got on in the comment section below or if you have any other great Snack Swap ideas!

Image credit heart.co.uk