How baking bread can bring people together

Malcolm’s journey was all about giving it a go. He knew he had a great idea, he just needed to take that next step to see if it had the potential to really bring value.

He won the Better Food Wirral Innovation fund for his ‘Bread on the Table’ project, in which he aimed to create and promote bakery skills, sustainable food initiatives, healthy eating, and a wider understanding of food journeys from field to fork via Little Eye Bakery.

Community was at the heart of it, and the pilot scheme was aimed at engaging local Foodbank users in making and baking their own bread- and working together to form Bread Clubs to bake weekly and sell to local people.

As the course progressed, people really took ownership of the community-baking concept in their own way. They cooked at home and on the course, they established intimate and positive links to expand the notion of a community food network. It’s exactly the kind of initiative that the Innovation Fund was set up to discover.

As the start of this piece says, this is a story about a journey rather than a destination. Not everything worked out the way Malcolm had hoped - but he learnt some important things along the way.

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Hebe Goddard