Veg Boxes Explained

2018 is going to be a big year for the ‘farm to plate’ trend. Also known as ‘farm to fork’ or ‘farm to table’ this trend is taking the UK by storm and with more and more restaurants and celebrities jumping on board it won’t be long before we’re seeing it in our supermarkets and in our homes. We love this trend and farm shops on the Wirral make this an easy lifestyle choice. 

Get The Farm Delivered To Your Doors
But we know you’re busy, so why not get the farm delivered to your door? We give you the veg box. A box worth of seasonal fruit and veg, you pick the size, you pick the frequency, delivered to your door. The veg box concept has been around for years but with farm to plate ever increasing in popularity companies are becoming more streamlined as demand for fresh produce reigns supreme. 

Seasonal Picks
What we love about it is that you don’t get to choose what you get every week, instead you are sent whatever is in season and whatever is available. Granted they do give you warning the week before about what you’ll be receiving so that you can plan your dinners but it’s still a nice surprise when you open up the box and find something you’ve never seen before. I mean what do you do with Kohlrabi? Apparently you make delicious Kohlrabi bake. We’ve never felt more patriotic than when we sat down to dinner and knew that everything on our plate had come from farms in the UK. I swear it tasted better than it ever had before. 

Endless Opportunities
It’s not just veg boxes either now that demand has increased bigger companies will provide you with recipe boxes, fresh meat or build your own box. The opportunities for fresh produce without even leaving your home are endless. 

How To Keep It Local
But if you’re wanting to keep it local, Honest to Goodness will deliver a veg box to you every Monday and ensure that your week is packed full of plenty of British home grown goodness (see what we did there?). Based on the Wirral, in turn you support a local independent and we’re all about that at Better Food Wirral! 

Image Source: @riverford

Image Source: @riverford

Unfortunately, the nature of this beast means that there is always going to be limited supply for organic, local fruit and vegetables. With more and more people jumping on this trend we are betting that by the end of the year it will be very hard to get a veg box, so get on it and get yourself one now!

To order from Honest to Goodness Veg email Or if you want to try out a full service supplier for yourself head to the Riverford website here. 

Author: Better Food Wirral Team