About Us

The Better Food Wirral Team is on a mission to inspire your lifestyles, and we mean your entire lifestyles! Whether you’re a working parent or cash poor student, we’re here to show you that you can eat well and make time to exercise, and all without even leaving the Wirral. Then, there's the matter of wellbeing. So, we'll be sharing tips with you on our favourite places to unwind or have fun. Get ready to discover your new favourite Wirral haunt. 

Whether you’re looking for a route to walk your dog on at the weekend, or a local producer to source your organic Sunday Roast from, you’ll find it right here! Plus our different Wirral residents are on hand to share their real Wirral Stories with you. Get to know them below.


Meet Our Writers 

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Nicola Wass

Meet our Wirral Mum, Nicola Wass who’s juggling her own business with raising her family on the Wirral. She may be a busy mum of three, which includes her cute terrier Alfie but she’s eager to prove that you can still find time to eat well and exercise. Here to share her Wirral tips, get ready to inspire your families’ lifestyles.


Hebe Goddard

Meet the Wirral’s resident Aussie, Hebe Goddard sharing her oz perspective on all things food and fitness. Most afternoons you’ll find her on West Kirby beach with sausage dog Wilma and she’ll generally be one of the first at any new food venture on the Wirral. Hebe comes from a background in food and is passionate about spreading the word that good, nutritious food can also be delicious and exciting. She’s a regular at the gym and more than happy to give tailored advice to help you reach your goals.

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Helen Brown

We all need to infuse a little more laughter into our days and that’s exactly what Helen’s Wirral stories will do for you. From twerking in her kitchen whilst cooking lunch to hunting down giant puffball mushrooms on the Wirral, we should all sign up for a lesson in fun from Helen. When she’s not discovering new haunts on the Wirral however, you can find her working as an Interior Designer for her inspiring company Definitive Design.


Phil rigby

Meet Phil who is the dad of five year old Coco.  Having only moved quite recently to the peninusula he (and Coco!) are looking forward to expereincing everything that the Wirral has to offer.  A dad with an interest in music and a keen hiker, Phil likes to make time for the finer things in life.