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Our Aussie on The Wirral shares her Tumeric latte experience

Picture this, you’re at your local coffee shop, it’s Monday morning and you’re tired. You don’t want to be here and neither does anyone else in line but you are. You know that at this point the only thing that is going to get you through the day is a strong coffee... Read More

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Food dares: Will helen try no carbs after 6?

For me, a dinner without carbs is like a beach without sun, so I was terrified when asked to try out that no carbs after 6pm rule... Read More

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ready for edible glitter? Our Wirral Mummy finds out

In my house, glitter mainly makes an appearance on two occasions; my kids’ birthday parties and New Year’s Eve. Glitter is however back but I’m talking edible sparkle.  This one’s got the Better Food Wirral team divided, so to help you make up your minds... Read More


Meet Our Writers: Hebe Goddard

Looking for the latest food or exercise trends on the Wirral? You sound just like our resident Aussie, Hebe. Get to know her a little better here. 

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Meet Our Writers: Helen Brown  

Infusing the Wirral with a daily dose of fun, find out more about Helen who'll be sharing her funny Wirral Stories here.  

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Meet Our Writers: Nicola Wass

Busy at work and also a Mum? Let Nicola's lifestyle inspire you to balance it all. Get to know her here