6 Reasons to Attend the Wirral Walking Festival this May

This May, for the fifth year, Wirral Peninsula is celebrating the arrival of the warm season with a series of free park, countryside, coastal and heritage walks, which take place every day throughout the month as part of the Wirral Walking Festival.

If you haven’t had a chance to join one of the walks yet, here are six reasons why we think you will love it;

  1. You will discover the natural and historical treasures

Our Wirral Peninsula is abundant with green spaces and is home to twelve green flag parks as well as three country parks, five nature reserves, three national trails and eight special sites of scientific interest! On top of  the 1500 hectares of parks and open spaces, there are also 25 miles of stunning coastline and beautiful sandy beaches to enjoy.

Guiding you along the paths of the parks, coastal and countryside trails, the volunteers will share stories from local history, depicting events and heroes that have contributed to Wirral’s heritage.

  1. You can choose your path

The trails are designed for people of any level of physical fitness. You can opt for a lovely and refreshing stroll of 1 mile, join a 3-hour circular tour, or pack a picnic lunch and embark on a long all-day walk, braving the Peninsula from one coast to another.

There are almost 200 walks to choose from, and many offer wheelchair access, so pick a route that suits you!


  1. It will make you healthier and stronger

Walking has impressive benefits for your health. This great cardio exercise represents a gentle, easy and free way to exercise with low impact on your knees and joints. It strengthens your heart, contributes to stable blood pressure and oxygenises your brain cells, which is essential for good memory and cognitive skills.

It can also lead to weight loss, because if you run 30 minutes at 5 miles/hour, you will burn 285 calories. If you walk for 30 minutes at 4 miles per hour, you will burn 165 calories on a level surface, 225 calories on a slight incline and 360 calories on a 10% incline. So you shouldn’t underestimate walking if you’re watching your weight!

Last but not least, walking can help to combat stress and anxiety by releasing feel-good hormone endorphins into your blood, give you energy and make you feel happy!

  1. You will meet new people

Nature or history lovers, young mums with babies, birdwatchers, families, dog owners, and those who like to catch up with friends over a pint in the local pub,  with the multitude of Walking Festival activities on offer your bound to meet like-minded people on a walk that’s right for you.

  1. You can continue after the festival is over

For those new to walking there are free short Health Walks that take place weekly. The trained group leaders will take you on a journey of exploring the benefits of walking while discovering the picturesque green spots of the Wirral. It’s a wonderful and easy way to explore the area and meet new people. Once you have attended your first Health Walk, there is no need to book in advance, you can just make up your mind on the day and pop in. How easy!

The good news is: It’s never too late! Health Walks will be run after the Festival is over and will include new routes. Enjoy the warm summer days outside, reconnect with nature and gradually observe it changing its colours in Autumn.


  1. You can try a new challenge

Despite its dedication to strolls and hikes, the Wirral Walking Festival encourages those who want to push their boundaries and go faster. If you have been contemplating the idea of trying running for yourself, but never knew how and when to start, this is a wonderful chance to take that first step…quite literally!

The qualified run leaders will help you in this endeavour, guiding you through the warm-up, helping you to understand the anatomy of muscles and joints, with lots of support along the way.


The Festival is running throughout May and there are still plenty of everyday activities to choose from.

Remember what The Cheshire Cat told Alice? – “Every adventure requires a first step”. Why not take it now?

To learn more about the walks, runs, buggy park and the time-table, download your Wirral Walking Festival brochure here: Wirral Walking Festival 2017

By Yana Mihos