Introducing The Better Food Swap Shop

By the people, for the people: Introducing the Better Food Swap-Shop

Here at Better Food Wirral we’re bringing together a network of people who want to create a happier, healthier Wirral! We’re building bridges from one part of the community to another, joining the dots between our networks and supporters for the purpose of growing, producing, and consuming better food.
We decided in the beginning that our movement should be powered by the people, for the people. And so recently we’ve been asking ourselves how we can use our home-grown community (i.e. YOU) to help in the next phase of our mission.

Finally, we have the answer: a Better Food Swap-Shop.

A Better Food What-Shop?

The Better Food Swap-Shop is an initiative we’re launching this month. Quite simply, our aim is to use Twitter to match people who have an unmet need with people who have something that can help meet that need. Or, to put it another way, a simple, friendly, not-for-profit exchange.

We are not promising to already know the person or group you need to connect with. However, we think someone in our network will!
Think of it along the lines of 6 degrees of separation or “We know a man/ woman who can!”

How can I can take part?

  • Firstly, decide what you want or what you have to offer.
  • Are you a producer with surplus stock looking for some worthy cause to give it to?
  • Do you have 100 jars of honey that you’d like to exchange for something else – maybe some cake?
  • Have you set up a community beehive and want to connect with someone further down the line who can offer practical advice?
  • Or maybe you’re a Foodbank looking for donations?
  • Whatever you have/whatever you need, you can tell us in a variety of ways.
  • Ideally we’d like you tell us by tweeting us at the hashtag #BetterFoodSwap.
  • You might want to upload a short, 15-second video to you tube and then send tweet us the link.
  • Don’t forget to provide a way of contacting you!

We’ll share your request with our network and take on the role of Better Food Cupid, matching you to people from other parts of our network who are happy to participate in an exchange – of food, skills, ideas…

The possibilities are endless and entirely in your hands.

We only have one rule: no money should be exchanged. People should not sell or use the Better Food network as a business or distribution channel. Our Swap-Shop is a simple, no-frills community initiative designed solely to drive forward our ambition of transforming food culture in Wirral for the better.
It all starts with you & ends with….well who knows?

Click here and join the Better Food Wirral Swap Shop now!