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Meet the Better Food Wirral 2016 Innovation Fund Winners

Congratulations to our winners of the 2016 Innovation fund grants! While we had a huge number of applications for this local government funding, this year’s recipients were chosen because they embody everything Better Food Wirral is about – promoting healthier attitudes towards food and creating a healthy food culture movement.

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10 things to consider before going vegan

8 things to consider before going vegan

There are many reasons why people choose to live a vegan lifestyle, whether it’s for health, environmental, ethical or personal reasons, but knowing what to expect before embarking on a no-meat-no-dairy diet can help prepare you for what lies ahead.

So here’s 8 things you should know before going vegan.

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Watch how Elsa, Minnie, Daisy and Ruby have created a community business

BEE stands for Birkenhead Early Excellence – a unique not for profit organisation based in Livingstone Street Community Centre that helps support families in making positive choices about food and improving their own life chances.

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How baking bread can bring people together

Malcolm’s story was all about taking a great idea and giving it a go to see whether it had the potential to really bring value.

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Tasty ways to use up your leftover pumpkin

Before you scoop out and bin your pumpkin’s contents for your jack-o’-lantern for Halloween, are you aware of the nutritional qualities you are throwing away? This winter squash is full of beta-carotene, fiber, omega 3s and five B vitamins, all of which are important in blood sugar reduction.

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Want to buy local? The South Wirral Food Assembly’s community supermarket could be what you’re looking for

Ethical, traceable, sustainable – this is the mantra of the South Wirral Food Assembly, and in an era where the ethos of supermarkets is to provide cheaper products at any cost, isn’t this exactly what we need?

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