6 Reasons to Attend the Wirral Walking Festival this May

This May, for the fifth year, Wirral Peninsula is celebrating the arrival of the warm season with a series of free park, countryside, coastal and heritage walks, which take place every day throughout the month as part of the Wirral Walking Festival.

If you haven’t had a chance to join one of the walks yet, here are six reasons why we think you will love it;

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Can you make a Sunday roast using only locally sourced ingredients from the Wirral?

As convenient as supermarkets are, sometimes it’s good to get back to basics: to know where your food is coming from, how it’s produced, and who’s handling it.

Our challenge at Better Food Wirral this month was to create a Sunday Roast using only Wirral produce.

Here’s how we got on:

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local government funding wirral

Meet the Better Food Wirral 2016 Innovation Fund Winners

Congratulations to our winners of the 2016 Innovation fund grants! While we had a huge number of applications for this local government funding, this year’s recipients were chosen because they embody everything Better Food Wirral is about – promoting healthier attitudes towards food and creating a healthy food culture movement.

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going hungry in birkenhead

Going hungry in Birkenhead. An interview with Frank Field

Frank Field often returns to the same story when asked about food poverty.

It’s the story of a little girl who turned up to a Wirral school holiday programme and said,

“I don’t mind missing out on the fun activities, but please can I just have some food? I’m absolutely starving.”

In the pause that follows you get the sense that there are many more stories where this one came from.

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Watch how Elsa, Minnie, Daisy and Ruby have created a community business

BEE stands for Birkenhead Early Excellence – a unique not for profit organisation based in Livingstone Street Community Centre that helps support families in making positive choices about food and improving their own life chances.

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How baking bread can bring people together

Malcolm’s story was all about taking a great idea and giving it a go to see whether it had the potential to really bring value.

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feeding birkenhead funding

Up to £4000 funding available for applications contributing to the Feeding Birkenhead campaign

The Birkenhead Constituency Committee has recently allocated some of its core funding for a funding programme for food related projects.

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Hypnosis for weight loss. Does it really work?

Have you ever fallen asleep, on your sofa in front of the television, but you can still hear sounds in the background?

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How can we change the local food system for a happier, fairer and healthier Wirral?

Initiated by the Public Health Team at Wirral Council, Better Food Wirral aims to bring together residents, food businesses, community organisations, local government and health institutions to work together on this challenge.

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Want to buy local? The South Wirral Food Assembly’s community supermarket could be what you’re looking for

Ethical, traceable, sustainable – this is the mantra of the South Wirral Food Assembly, and in an era where the ethos of supermarkets is to provide cheaper products at any cost, isn’t this exactly what we need?

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